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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. You must read, understand, accept and agree to all of this Privacy Policy before using and/or accessing the products and services contained on the Grou site.

By accessing and using the PT Visi Maju Anak Negeri site (“respecting and protecting the security of each user‘s personal data and information (“User or “You are PT Visi Maju Anak Negeri” or “we”) we are fully committed to) when accessing our site or the products we provide. This Privacy Policy applies to all grou.co.id Platform users

By accessing and/or registering an account on our platform, you or your parent, guardian or guardian (if you are under 18 years of age) acknowledges, acknowledges, accepts and agrees to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy.

I. Private Information

  1. You agree that we have the right to collect, store, process and use any information provided by you as also regulated in the Privacy Policy, where such information includes but is not limited to Personal Information provided during registration on the Platform or other information available to and accessible to us through downloading, installing and using the Platform by you.
  2. In the event that there is a change to your Personal Information and/or Personal Information, you agree to inform it to u
  3. When you have opened an Account on the Grou site you are subject to the Privacy Policy which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

II. Personal Data & Information We Collect

    The data and information that we may collect includes, but is not limited to:

  1. a. Information you provide.

    You provide information that you fill in consciously through electronic forms on our Platform which include personal identification in the form of name, telephone number, age, email address, purchase transactions and other information that you provide through the Platform.

  2. b. Information we collect.

    We may collect the following information automatically for each of your visits to your Platform, which includes:

    1. Technical information, including the Internet Protocol (IP Address) address that connects your computer to the internet, and your login information;
    2. Information about your visit to our platform, including a complete list of Uniform Resource Locators visited to, through and from the Platform (including date and time), the product you searched for, viewed, downloaded, length of visit , information and interactions on pages, as well as telephone numbers used to contact our services; and
    3. educational, academic, achievement, occupational and other information that you fill in your profile or CV, which may also include the company you work for, as well as your current and past work experience.
    4. Cookies and Usage Data

    c. Information we receive from other sources.

    We may receive information if you use the services we provide.

  3. d. Use of Personal Information

    We use your Personal Information to:

    1. to verify the Personal Data contained in your account;
    2. to carry out our obligations in providing information, products and services to you;
    3. for direct communication with platform users
    4. provide information in socializing or promoting our products and services; and
    5. comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

III. Your Rights

You can proceed to request a deletion your data and personal information by notifying us in writing by contacting our service on the how to contact us page or your profile dashboard on Grou website. After we receive your request to withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data, we will provide you with information about the consequences that may occur in the future for such withdrawal so that you can decide whether you still want to withdraw your consent to deletion of your personal data and information.

IV. Confidentiality and Data Security

Your personal data will be stored and used by PT Visi Maju Anak Negeri and guaranteed confidentiality. We will not use personal data unwisely such as selling, disclosing or providing your Personal Data to any third party outside PT Visi Maju Anak Negeri unless we have your consent.

V. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, modify and add to this Privacy Policy from time to time and any such changes will be displayed on this page. We will notify you via electronic mail or other media regarding the Changes to this Privacy Policy.

VI. How to Contact Us

To contact us, please send an email to [email protected]

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