Dorotea Wulan Bastari

Dorotea Wulan Bastari

Data Analyst at Gojek

About Dorotea

Dorotea strongly values authenticity and recognizes the uniqueness of each individual's path to growth and success. Having faced challenges in navigating a career due to societal expectations, she believes that one should never compromise their authenticity in the pursuit of success. With her passion for storytelling over meaningful conversations, Dorotea seeks to inspire and empower others, especially young individuals, to find their own "Ikigai": a purpose-driven career that balances one's unique skill sets, personal fulfillment, and desired income.




Data Analyst

2021-Sekarang Indonesia Full-time


Supply Chain Analyst

2020-2021 Indonesia Full-time


Operational Risk Advisory

2019-2019 Indonesia Internship


University of Connecticut

Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

2022-2022 Strata 1
  • Awardee of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellowship (top 1% among ASEAN)

  • Received business grant ($500) among ~40 ASEAN youth projects (top 2%)

Universitas Katolik Parahyangan


2016-2020 Strata 1
  • Awardee of Djarum Scholarship Plus (top 3% among Indonesia)

  • Honored as Most Outstanding Student 2019 by Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

  • Indonesia Representative for International Sustainable Development Goals Bootcamp 2019

  • Indonesia Representative for Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED) 2018

  • West Java Province Representative at Expo Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia 2018


InternetInformation Technology/ITRetail Industry


Data Analysis & ScienceBusiness & Management ConsultingEntrepreneurship
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