Kenny Chandra

Kenny Chandra

Account Manager at Aspire

About Kenny

Hi, Everyone :)

My name is Kenny and I am honored given the opportunity to be your mentor!

What do you get if you enroll with me as my mentee:

- I will share you my experience of working with 3 different companies in 3 different countries (Singapore, United States, and Indonesia) and how did I nailed all of the interview process from the recruiter to the CEO

- I will share you how I made a transition smoothly from a career that I hate to where I am at right now (Shifting career for early professional)

- Everything I know about using LinkedIn to your advantage --> You will not need to apply for a role anymore in the future! (You can if you want, but not necessary :))

- How to crafted a great resume that will result you about 5 interviews invite when you apply for 10 different roles --> You will get to pick where you work, not becoming desperate and have the beggar mentality to the employers

- Salary Negotiation tactics --> Duh?? Who doesn't wanna know how to do this properly? I'll share you how I increased 100% of my salary after just working for about a year

- What I saw after doing at least 50 different interviews in the past 2 years or so from a variety of different companies (mostly startups) and the framework that I used to nailed 80% of the interview --> Most of my application ended up getting an offer or declined at the final round, instead of earlier round

- How to discover the career that you want in a company that need you --> Rest assured, it's completely normal for Fresh graduates to not knowing what they want to do and I am here to help :)

- How to create your own "Orang dalam" inside of a company so that you don't have to rely on your families to get a job :)

- Lastly, I am very fluent in Bahasa Indonesia & English so don't worry, I can speak Bahasa and you will understand what I am sharing during the call :)




Account Manager

2022-Sekarang Singapore Full-time
  • Built and maintained trusted advisor relationships with 50+ enterprise clients, including high-profile brands like Bibit, Sayurbox, Kopi Kenangan, Pinhome, and eFishery.

  • Collaborated effectively across 8 departments and over 100 colleagues to ensure exceptional customer experiences and prompt issue resolution.

  • Drove impressive results by achieving at least 10% monthly growth on average for all enterprise clients for 7 consecutive months.

  • Played a pivotal role in securing a USD 100M Series C funding round as the sole Account Manager for the Indonesian market.

  • Utilized client insights to identify new selling opportunities and prioritize features for the Product team.

  • Contributed to generating approximately USD 600,000 in revenue from existing enterprise clients in just 8 months.


Account Manager

2021-2022 Indonesia Full-time


Nov 2021 - Dec 2021 (Q4 2021): (Regular Account Manager Duties outside of Kampus Merdeka)

- 100% targets achieved within one month, instead of 3 months
- 150% targets achieved (15 placement + 6 Client informational discussion) in 2 months (Excluding October)

May 2021 - Oct 2021:

- Building up Kampus Merdeka Project from scratch with minimum supervision --> Initiate the content strategy for the Marketing & Social Media content, Cross collaboration with the legal team to create MoU, Crafting all the necessary PPT slides for student onboarding and client upselling, Creating Webinar for students regarding interview and resume process, and coaching students before their interview,
- Securing 31 Hiring Partners to join the campaign in the space of 2 months
- Placing 29 Students with a 100% success rate within 1.5 months
- Become a personal advisor for both students and hiring partners
- Make the final selection for all the 29 students who join the program (Out of 500+ students)


Revenue Specialist

2020-2020 Seattle, WA Contract

- Monitor account details for non-payments, delayed payments, research and resolve payment discrepancies and other irregularities
- Drive the collections process and maintain a record of customer non-pay statuses
- Resolve discrepancies in clients' financial portfolio consisting of 12,000+ accounts
- Generate invoices and sales receipts, process credit card payments and account adjustments
- Support month-end close processes
- Maintain accounts receivable customer files and records
- Perform account reconciliations as needed
- Process improvement for 8 different business platform, including Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, Stripe, Quickbooks, and Netsuite
- Cross Collaboration with 5 different departments and become a team player in a highly diverse team
- Volunteer to train a new hire to ensure the smoothest onboarding and transition experience
- Additional projects such as Audit, Excel projects and process improvement initiatives


Seattle University


2017-2019 Strata 1

Activities and societies:
-Intramural Soccer and Volleyball
-Volunteer at Rotaract SU
- Messina Scholarship (30% Tuition deduction if able to maintain a 3.5 GPA per quarter)

North Seattle College


2015-2017 Diploma 1

Activities and societies:
-Indonesian Student Association of North Seattle College
- Volunteer at UW Indonesian Festival event (KERATON)
- Achieved Merit Scholarship (Given to students who averaged 3.8 GPA for the whole 2 years)


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Marketing & SalesHuman Resource Management & Recruiting
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