Christian Yudhistira

Christian Yudhistira

Product Manager at Circles.Life (Tokyo)

About Christian

Christian is a user and data-obsessed product manager with experience working with multiple stakeholders from Southeast Asia, China, Europe, Latin America, India, and Japan. He always seeks growth and challenges and just recently relocated to Tokyo to build a new digital brand with Japan's 2nd largest telco, KDDI. As someone with mainly startup background, he also helps to introduce startup culture to the relatively traditional KDDI team.

Christian feels that he has been privileged and blessed to have achieved what he has achieved and he wants to give back and help students as well as young professionals in their career journey.




Senior Product Manager

2022-Sekarang Tokyo Full-time

Product Manager - Revenue

Circles.Life launched a new digital telco brand with KDDI (Japan's 2nd largest telco). Product team helps business by building features to increase and maintain revenue, NPS, and GAs.


  • Responsible for co-leading product development of revenue generating as well as mandatory regulatory features, working with the KDDI product team across all seniorities.

  • Help to establish product management culture to the client (with traditionally hierarchical and corporate approach) to speed up development processes.

Project Highlights:

  • Introduce the Auto-Repurchase feature which allows users to automatically repurchase a new data plan when they run out of data or when data plan expires; expected to boost yearly revenue by >¥150M.

  • Co-ideate Japan's first-of-a-kind “DeviceTrade-In” initiative, allowing users to sell their old devices and be paid with data vouchers; expected to increase revenue by >¥1M.

  • Lead the development of internal system to create a telco & non-telco bundle to increase revenue through a more varied product offering


Senior Product Manager

2022-2022 Singapore Full-time

Product Manager - Account and Platform Management

Lummo was developing a new chat commerce product (launched as Donut in late 2022) when I joined, requiring work on basic functionalities of the Account and Platform management.


  • Co-led a product discovery journey through minimum viable testing to test hypotheses on chat agent collaborations.

  • Responsible for leading developments of the platform account management system and external integrations.

Project Highlights:

  • Product discovery journey on chat agent collaboration (in medium-large enterprise space with >10 agents): starting from interviews, competitor study, ideation, and minimum viable testing.

  • Revamp of account system together with sign up and sign in flow: making it scalable & secure yet flexible for existing merchants and new target persona for the new Chat Commerce product suite.

  • Chat channels integration with top marketplaces in Indonesia (Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada) and top social media in South East Asia (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram).

Shopee Singapore Pte Ltd

Regional Product Manager

2019-2022 Singapore Full-time

Regional Product Manager for Business Insights (Jun 2019 - Dec 2019)

Business Insight is the module for Shopee sellers to monitor their sales performance and give them insights on what to be maintained and what could be improved.


  • In charge of new feature development & performance report generation for “Business Insights” for all Shopee market at that time (SEA + TW).

  • Played a data analyst role in analysing data and automating reports for the relevant leads and PICs across all Shopee market at that time (SEA + TW)

Project Highlights:

  • Redesign of a product dashboard through product metrics prioritisation and more user-friendly design; increasing usage by 23%.

  • “Live Monitor”: a live dashboard for sellers to monitor their sales & main metrics in real-time during campaign period. Feature created a buzz in seller groups in Facebook as it showcases their sales achievements during campaign days.

Regional Product Manager - Notifications Services (Jan 2020 - Apr 2022)

Notification Shared Services is the internal system to send outbound communications to shopee users (buyers, sellers, merchants, drivers)


  • In charge of roadmap creation, OKR alignment, and project execution of notification services for SEA, TW, LATAM (Brazil), and EU (Poland) markets.

  • Mentored, onboarded, and guided new joiners, interns, and junior product managers.

Project Highlights:

  • Internal notification system with basic anti-spam configuration, access control, and approval; centralizing all outbound communication template management (Push Notifications, emails, WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, and Line) into a single platform, streamlining template creation from hours to minutes.

  • End-to-end notification tracing, data consolidation, and high-level metrics alignment; reducing time taken for analysis & report generation by hours.

  • Machine learning model & basic prioritisation logic for mass-promotion push notifications; reducing spam by ~50% & boosting CTR by ~30% (V2.0 algorithm with individual user fatigue was being developed when I left).

  • Automation system for recurring SMS & WhatsApp notification; reducing ~100 man-hours across all Shopee markets.


Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

2015-2019 Strata 1
  • Awardee of ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship and NTU President Research Scholar

  • Vice President of Indonesian International Undergraduate Committee

  • Institute of Physics Singapore Outstanding Poster Award

  • Multiple finalists of national and regional business case competitions


TelecommunicationsInformation Technology/IT


Product Management
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